For a stress free life with dog.

Helping awesome family dogs and their humans speak the same language, work in harmony, and achieve a stress-free lifestyle by easing simple training into daily routines.

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Based in Scotland but serving worldwide online we provide...


A monthly membership with access to instructional videos, ongoing live and in person support and community.

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One off digital courses on key training topics like recall and lead pulling, available to purchase separately.


In person training

Traditional 1-2-1 training appointments with Allan or one of our recommended trainers across Scotland.

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Join our free course '10 days to better dog training'

Our simple but actionable lessons will take just 5 minutes a day and give you a great foundation to improve your dog training skills from.

A trained dog doesn't just happen like magic after one in person training session, it takes time and commitment to build a fulfilling relationship with your dog.

Increase your chances of success with access to great training materials and live support from professional trainers. Be part of a like minded community working towards the same goals as you.

Clan Dog Membership

Instructional Videos

How to and instructional dog training videos on a wide range of behavioural and training topics.

Live Q+A and Support

Online and Live Q+As. Recorded and SEARCHABLE if you miss it live. Members only support community.

Lifestyle and knowledge

Guest speakers and contributors on lots of dog related subjects. All available forever for you to search and watch.

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" I’m already seeing the results of the lead training on his walk this morning (no sore shoulder 😀) Having had fleeting moments where I thought he was a lost cause, I can now see his potential. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and patience but with the on going help of Clan Dog, I’m looking forward to seeing Pepe run free, and my word he can run ! Thanks once again for all your help."

Louise and Pepe
Clan Dog Founder Members

"Rudi, our lovely French Bulldog, is nearly a year old and his nature (and looks) are somewhere in-between a hippo and a potato. Allan came to see us as we have always had real problems with his walks-he either refused point blank to go anywhere or pulled on the lead. This was making the whole walking process a nightmare. Well Allan had him trotting along as if he was in Crufts in a matter of minutes and walking is now a joy rather than a complete battle of wills."

Holly and Rudi
1-2-1 training session (and now Clan Dog members)

"We were struggling with a few aspects with regard to settling 14 week old puppy Louis in to his new home. We had read up on various training methods but we were concerned about trying new techniques in case we exasperated the situation. Clan Dog has given us the tools to succeed, we are confident that we will have a happy, well trained puppy and that our sanity will soon be restored!"

Sarah, Richard and Louis
Clan Dog Founder Members

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