About Us

Helping you live a stress free life with your dog. The Clan's head trainer Allan Ritchie has helped thousands of people and their dogs with training and behaviour problems, however he was always aware that whilst he was giving people a great start, more often than not ongoing support was what people really needed to get lasting results. From that desire to offer more detailed and continued support during Covid-19, Clan Dog was born in May 2020.

Our Values

We believe a well trained dog lives a better life.

They are able to have time off lead to be a dog, there is less stress in their life because they trust and follow their human - life is better for both of you when you have a loving and trusting relationship.

We never use aversive training methods such as e-collars or physically harm dogs in any way. We believe that dogs do need boundaries however, our philosophy is to teach humans to become their dogs kind, fair and loving leader.

Humans - we are here to help you understand your dog and start to work together and not against each other. We do that with high quality video lessons presented in a simple and easy way, weekly live support and fostering a supportive community that you will want to engage in. If you want to be here and engage with our content – you will succeed!

We are committed to building and becoming the best community of people who live with dogs that you can find online.

Meet Your Trainer

Allan Ritchie MGoDT (MPDTI)

Allan has over 40 years of experience working with dogs. Becoming obsessed with dogs from a young age he joined the RAF as a dog handler and learnt his trade. Then moving into the Police force as part of the rapid response and hostage rescue team, there’s not a lot that phases Allan Ritchie. His ability to keep calm, understand and help people are key to his success and well deserved excellent reputation as a dog trainer.

After retiring from the Police force he built a kennel and dog training centre and realised that he should be concentrating on the other end of the lead, teaching and helping people to learn the skills they needed to live in harmony with their dogs.

Never far from his side is Otto his Labrador who you will certainly meet in Clan Dog’s training videos and events. They can often be found floating down the Tweed in a kayak together.

View Allan’s profile on the Guild Of Dog Trainers website here.

Allan Ritchie

Master Professional Dog Training Instructor


Otto - Fox Red Labrador

Meet Allan's Assistant

Otto - Fox Red Labrador

Otto is an 8 year old fox red Labrador. He’s the big man in the room, friendly, loveable and at times a little bit clumsy (watch out camera kit) but with a heart of gold he is the spiritual head of the Clan.

When the time comes though he’s a trained Gundog who knows how to do a job and he’s often on hand to help Allan with training duties. Brought in to help out with reactive or difficult dogs he can be just as much of a guiding paw with dogs as Allan Ritchie is with their humans.

Swimming is life. Period, like where’s the water?

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Embark on an incredible adventure with your furry friend by utilising our comprehensive dog training resources. At Clan Dog, we believe that every dog has the potential to be an obedient, well-behaved, and loving companion. Allan is here to guide you and your dog through the process, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for both you and your canine companion.


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